Thank You! Inaugural TEDxFitchburgStateU a success!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the inaugural TEDxFitchburgStateU 2014! We are busily editing and processing the videos, and they will be uploaded soon.

The event began with Mayor Lisa Wong and FSU student Nicole Lucia. We took a break and learned about the importance of a proper handshake from Diane Darling ( After the interactive session, we heard talks from Leominster high school teacher David Lane, and psychologist Laura Garofoli. The audience broke for lunch in Hammond Hall, and returned in the afternoon to hear Coelynn McIninch and students and sisters Katie and Sarah Comeau. The day concluded with talks from Rose Pavlov, historian Ben Lieberman, and student Jon Hobbs.

Links to the talks coming soon!

In the meantime, find more photos on Flickr (and tag your own photos with TEDxFitchburgStateU 2014!) or visit us on Facebook!


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TEDxFitchburgStateU Program

Here is the line up for TEDxFitchburgStateU. Watch along LIVE at this link on livestream. Please note that some of the times below may be approximate due to the variability in length of speakers’ talks.

March 22, 2014 – Kent Recital Hall – Fitchburg State University – 9:30 AM-3:30 PM

Session 1
9:30 AM Welcoming Remarks – Kate Jewell and Kisha Tracy
9:40 AM Mayor Lisa Wong: “Go So Fun – One Gal’s Guide to Running a City”
10:00 AM Nicole Lucia: “Queering the Media: It’s Good for Our Health”
10:20 AM Interactive Session – Diane Darling
Session 2
10:50 AM TED: Angela Duckworth, “The Key To Success? Grit.”
11:00 AM David Lane: “Let’s Build a Smiling School”
11:20 AM Laura Garofoli: “Eos, Pathos, Locos: Why You Should Care About Eosinophilic Disorders and What You Can Do to Help”
Lunch: 11:40 AM – 1:00 PM
Hammond Hall Main Lobby
Session 3
1:00 PM TED: Andy Puddicombe, “All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes”
1:10 PM Coelynn McIninch: “The Shape and Feel of Nothing: Synesthesia, Language, Visual Space, and Art”
1:30 PM Katie and Sarah Comeau: “Recovering Hope in the Fight with an Eating Disorder”
1:50 PM Interactive Session
Session 4
2:00 PM TED: Derek Sivers, “How to Make a Movement”
2:05 PM Rose Pavlov
2:30 PM Ben Lieberman: “The Banality of ‘Never Again'”
2:50 PM Jonathan Hobbs: “Overcoming Adversity, from the Physical to the Intellectual”
3:15 PM Conclusion

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Mayor Lisa A. Wong

Lisa A

Mayor Lisa A. Wong.

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Nicole Lucia


Nicole Lucia.

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Benjamin Lieberman


Benjamin Lieberman.

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Katie and Sarah Comeau


Katie and Sarah Comeau.

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Laura Garofoli


Laura Garofoli.

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David Lane


David Lane.

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Coelynn McIninch


Coelynn McIninch.

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Rose Pavlov

Rose Pavlov

Rose Pavlov.

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